For our clients’ convenience, we suggest the following steps that should be taken for our most effective communication:

Step 1. Tests.  Firstly we need to conduct testing with a customer’s raw material sample of 50-100 kg. (you may contact us to get the instruction how to extract the ore sample and we will provide you with  Memorandum attached to the Contract confirming the customer’s target concentrate requirements).

The set of documents required to prepare and deliver the test sample is available here:

Terms and Conditions (including Custom’s routines): 3 – 4 months;
Approximate price (including the Test Result Report) is USD 4 000 – 5 000.

Step 2. Technological tests.

If step 1 is successfully completed we are going to receive from the Client the next sample of 5-10 tons. The Client’s representatives are to be present  in person at the process of sorting and selection of separated products.

Terms and conditions (from the second sample receiving): 2 – 3 months;
Approximate price  makes USD 20 000 – 30 000.

Step 3.
Ways of cooperation. The sale of equipment is carried out through a distributor – Elmsutt S.A. 

Step 4. After-sale services.  In case of successful sales the company undertakes the following functions: assembling, adjustment of sorting Modules, technical maintenance of the equipment, training staff, supply of spare parts.

Step 5. Other forms of cooperation. In case of “no sale yet” the company may offer the Customer the following:

  • Service of recycling of mineral raw material on the basis of an agreement;
  • Service of outsourcing;
  • Service of Subcontracting  with the use of sencor based sorting Module technology;
  • Partnership in a joint project of a deposit development, and recovering target concentrate out of already available raw material.

In case these forms of cooperation are realized, Promtechnologii Ltd develops an appropriate feasibility study.