The world faces the stable trend in high grade mineral resource depletion allied with its price soaring. At the same time both low-grade refractory ore and mixed ore share is increasing in mineral processing industry. We must also consider energy-efficient production that is becoming far more important switching the main priorities in the mining field. All these issues require developing of alternative beneficiation methods causing emergency of the new special and specific technologies such as sensor based raw material sorters opening new horizons both in returns and application field.
Convectional practices of lump ore beneficiation (magnetic separation, gravity concentration, etc.) refer to mechanical processes so called integral techniques as they don’t affect any separate lump in the ore media.
Sensor based sorting solution is applied in low-grade ore processing in order to increase efficiency where the ordinary practices failed.

Technology Features

As a rule magnetic separation and gravity concentration based methods are widely used. However these techniques couldn’t be rather cost-effective ones or meet requiring quality demands on concentrate due to its physical properties, mineral and element composition of input raw materials.

Sensor based lump sorting technology simplified scheme:


Input lump ore is charged into the feeding hopper to be accumulated there and then is reloaded through the receiver  onto the vibrating feeder, which forms a monolayer transporting the media  onto the conveyor belt. The lumps with commercial value are being recognized and their locations are being caught by sensors. By specially developed software, CPU processes the data and generates a control signal then to expel the valuable mineral-bearing lumps using a precise pulse of pressurized air from the high-performance nozzle system. Thus two flows of media form byproduct/tailing  and the target material stock /concentrate.

Our plant implements a variety of sensors. Some sensors as well as the unique software are developed by the facilities of our company. Therefore we are able both to increase ROW production by upgrading low grade materials and achieve high performance in it. Out technology is fully customized so we can meet our customers’ demands dealing with the particular raw material and the deposit.

To achieve higher raw material contrast range we can apply different methods of target minerals and elements activation such as pre-analysis microwave heating of the raw material.

How does it work: