Stationary placement of sorting Module

Performance of sorting Module in the technological chain of slag recycling at the ferroalloy plant (Nikopol, Ukraine). The capacity is up to 10 tons of metal concentrate per 24 hours at quality of Mn general ~ 40 %.

Mobile recycling complex based on sorting Module technology

Recovery of target concentrate out of construction crushed rock by the stock-yard sorter (Tavriysk, Ukraine). At this mode the capacity makes up to 600 tons of crushed rock (20-40 mm fractions per) 24 hours. The crushed rock output is shipped to construction site and the target concentrate meets the ТУ У 27.3-33453507-001:2008 standard.

Experimental industrial plant (EIP)

The research base of our enterprise includes the experimental-industrial complex (EIP) in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, which is designed to conduct industrial tests handling 3-5 tons of input raw material. Please find more details concern the test procedure at for partners section.

The recycling of substandard iron-manganese ores by Kazakhstan branch of Gamayun Ltd

Site for sorting of low quality ferromanganese ores.Grades: 20-40 mm, 40-70 mm. Up to 30 000 tons of ore per month is processed on the site. The ore with a high content of ballast rocks and iron is allocated into tailings. The concentrate can contain up to 40% of Mn, with the original content of Mn being 12%.


Technical tour of Infacon-XIV. The sorting of slags at Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant. You can find informations the following link:

MINEX Central Asia 2017

Presentation about complex processing of slag of low-carbon ferrochrome on the basis of sensor-based sorting.

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